Digital Marketing Courses

Learn about the most relevant topics in digital marketing today, adding the expertise to help your company get ahead online!

Bruna Lopes, Graphic Designer at The Una Group, “I took a best practices course for writing blog posts and social media training. It was great and really improved my knowledge in the area. Nicola and Matt are adorable, very professional and it’s easy to learn from them. I’m looking forward to the next course.” 2021 Source: Google

Online & in-person Digital Marketing Courses

Learn directly from our digital marketing experts here at WDSEO, empowering you and your team to take charge of your online presence. We’ve thought long and hard about the topics that will most benefit your business, & have put together a range of in-person and online courses that’ll give you the best bang for your buck!

If you’d like to excel in social media marketing, then any of our courses on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn would be for you. Want to know how to write, publish & promote an incredible blog post to your website, then our introduction to blog writing course is what you need. No matter what industry you are in, there’s likely a course that would be right for you & your team.

Digital Marketing Courses - 1-1 Teaching - Web Design and SEO Company Limited
Digital Marketing Courses - In-person Teaching - Web Design and SEO Company Limited

About Our Training Courses

Our courses are overseen by our Digital Training Manager, Matt Barber, & are delivered by Matt & other subject matter experts within the web & digital marketing industry. Our in-person courses are either full-day or half-day in length, with a light lunch included in the overall cost.

On the day, we recommend that you bring your own laptop (though please do let us know if this isn’t possible,). We’ll start by discussing your business objectives & your aims for the session. We take a practical hands-on approach keeping PowerPoint to a minimum. Throughout the day you’ll complete your own ‘Mission File’ where you can record things you learn, plan out marketing strategies, & put social campaigns together. Then we’ll review everything at the end of the day & discuss your future training needs.

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