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Why Hire a social media expert

Jun 4, 2020

A strong social media presence is one of the most valuable marketing strategies a business could have. In this digital age, having a good website and a loyal customer base isn’t enough to help you to stand out online. In order to truly improve your online presence and grow your business effectively, you must have a strong social media presence with regular, quality and relevant content posted onto your chosen platforms.  

Social media allows you to connect with your clients, regular or new ones, and display what services you have to offer. Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular social media platforms with one billion active users on Facebook, and 1 billion on Instagram, 500 million of which are active every day. With stats like that can you really afford not to advertise your business on platforms such as those?

Why you should hire a social media expert - Social Media - Web Design and SEO Company Limited

Many business owners run their social media profiles themselves, juggling content creation and community engagement with the day to day running of their business and family life, which often means that social media is at the bottom of the priority list. It’s very hard to establish a quality social media presence or strategy if you’re not able to regularly dedicate time to it. This is where a social media expert can help you.

4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Social Media Expert

For many businesses, the cost of hiring an external agency to work on their social media can be off putting, particularly if you or your employees are currently managing the accounts. However, hiring an expert can have untold benefits for your business, including:

  1. Professional Knowledge – Social media can be intimidating as there’s so many sides to it. Operating a business page is not the same as a personal one. There are different aspects to it which you don’t get with a normal personal profile. There are other things to consider such as displaying all relevant information like the address, services you offer, operating hours and uploading relevant info to keep customer interest on a regular basis. If you’re not currently using business accounts on social media, you’re missing out on dozens of useful functions and services that can help to build your audience.
  2. Saving Time – Setting up a social media page and creating content for it can be very time consuming. If you’re the owner of the company, you’re probably inundated with business calls, meetings and the general running of the company. Hiring a social media expert to oversee the creation and development of the pages and create quality content which will save you the problem of having too many things on your plate.
  3. Strategic Planning – Various social media platforms work better for different business types – not every platform is one size fits all. Hiring an experienced social media expert is crucial to ensure your business will be advertised to its best ability and perform well on that platform. Rather than taking a scattergun approach to posting, a professional will create a strategic plan to take your short term and long term goals into account and devise a posting schedule and content blueprint to help achieve them.
  4. Quality Content – The quality of your posts is the most important thing to consider on your social pages. If posts aren’t of a high quality (i.e. engaging, interesting, relevant and audience appropriate), you could quickly loose the interest of your customers. A social media professional will help to create a ‘voice’ for your accounts and ensure that all content is consistent in order to maintain the vision for your business.

How We Can Help Here at The Web Design and SEO Company we offer social media services which are carried out by our social media experts! Our social media experts here at Web Design and SEO Company know the importance of cultivating a strong social media presence to help your business grow. You can trust in them to create amazing high-quality content which is sure to grasp consumers attention and grow your following. Our social media experts are experienced in running the social media pages for many different business types including electrical, car restoration companies and caravan and motorhome centres. Our experts have the knowledge to create posts that create interest for your regular client base and intrigue new customers to your business.

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