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Logo and Graphic Design

Looking for professional Logo or Graphic Design Services for your Trades or Service Business?

Professional Logo and Graphic Design for Trades & Service Businesses

The Web Design and SEO Company in Plymouth have been designing professional Logos and providing quality Graphic Design Services for Trades and other Service Businesses up and down the UK for more than 8 years. Take a look at some of our Logo designs below.

A few Clients we have provided Logo and Graphic Design Services for…

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Logo and Graphic Design - Group Team Meeting - Web Design and SEO Company Ltd

Why do I need professional Logo Design?

Often, new clients come to us with a logo that they or a friend has created using a free logo maker. Whilst it may look ok, chances are that you will find many other companies with the same logo!

You want your logo and branding to be unique to you, and to really reflect your business and your values. In today’s world where we are all competing for new customers online, it is essential that your Logo and branding really enable you to stand out from the crowd.

Our clients are all focussed on delivering quality services and high levels of customer care and satisfaction – this needs to shine through in their branding. We can make this happen!

If you happen to be interested in the subject, you can find more detailed insights into the importance of professional branding for your service or trades business in our blog.

Logo and Graphic Design - Team in a Meeting - Web Design and SEO Company Ltd
Logo and Graphic Design - JAH Stationery Concepts - Web Design and SEO Company Ltd
Logo and Graphic Design - JAH Stationery Concept Ideas - Web Design and SEO Company Ltd

What other Graphic Design Services do you provide?

In addition to Logo Design, our team designs Business Stationery – including Business Cards, Letterheads and Compliment Slips to go with your newly designed Logo.

We also design professional flyers (often double-sided A5 flyers) using your new branding and the information and images from your website; as well as adverts and banners for web / social media use and also for print, if needed. We can design professional Facebook Cover images, too.

You will also be able to use your new Logo for your uniforms / workwear and van livery – we send you a full Logo Pack with files for all use types, including vector files.

It is so important that every time a potential or existing customer sees your company, your branding is consistent. Check out our Graphic Design Portfolio now. Link to new page – like the existing web gallery – tabs for Logos, Bus Cards, Flyers etc.