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On-site with JAH Electrical Services Ltd

25 February 2022

We recently visited JAH Electrical Services Ltd and interviewed owner and founder, Jamie Hitchcock, to find out how the business is coming along after over five years of using the services of our team, and I’m sure you’ll agree the results have been fantastic.

On-Site With JAH Electrical Services Ltd - Jamie Hitchcock - Web Design and SEO Company Ltd

JAH Electrical History

JAH Electrical is led by Jamie Hitchcock, an electrician with over 30 years of experience. Founded in 2005, JAH Electrical Services Ltd is an expanding business, offering all aspects of electrical work to customers throughout Plymouth and across the South West. Year on year, the business continues to grow and this has been helped immensely by Diana and the team for over five years.

Jamie explained: “Working with Diana since the beginning has been brilliant. She started off similar to me in the beginning, on her own. We got on really well, agreed terms, started off on the right foot and it’s continued that way. So I’ve been pleased with the service we’ve had.”

Continued SEO Services

JAH has continued using the SEO services that Diana and the team provide and has noticed an increase in business due to this.

Jamie added: “The phones ring more and more now, and we do get found easier on Google through taking the SEO services. It’s surprising who can find us now from all different places and we have had some good projects off of the back of it. So yes, it’s a great idea to opt for these services.”

Redesigning the Website

Jamie explained that Diana suggested a rebrand as part of the new website. He initially had a budget to just do the website, but ended up opting for the rebranding services to make the website as good as it could be.

On-Site With JAH Electrical Services Ltd - JAH Website Design - Web Design and SEO Company Ltd

Jamie said: “Diana suggesting the rebrand was definitely the way to go, as it’s certainly paid off. Diana was right about that. She initially approached me, we got on really well and she came in for a little chat. She then came back in for a second chat, to run through all of her ideas after doing a review of the company. We then agreed to redo the website and the rebrand. The rebrand was a big thing as it’s not just the logo, it’s then thinking about the vans, clothing etc, but it was the right thing for us to do. The logo stands out a lot more now.”

Jamie was pleased that he went with both the website and the logo options.

On-Site With JAH Electrical Services Ltd - Jamie Hitchcock Video Thumbnail - Web Design and SEO Company Ltd

Why Choose Diana and the Team?

Jamie explained that he’s very much a people person and speaking to Diana was easy, as they just got on. He added: “I like dealing with people and we connected on a personal level. It really felt like she wanted to help us and help the business. Our company has grown like Diana’s has and as you grow, you take on more and more people. Initially, the big thing for me was getting on with her. I would rate Diana and her company definitely five out of five stars.”

Jamie has since recommended the services of Diana’s team to other businesses and will continue to do so. Jamie added: “We’ve managed to get a few businesses on board for Diana and the team. They do a good job. The businesses that we have recommended Diana and the team to in the past have all been happy with their services, I can vouch for them as well. I’d just like to say, keep up the good work, I do appreciate everything they do. I know it’s behind the scenes so we don’t physically see the amount of work that they do put in but I know it is a lot as I can see in your monthly update. I know it’s working, as the enquiries keep coming in so thank you.”

On-Site With JAH Electrical Services Ltd - Recommended - Web Design and SEO Company Ltd
On-Site With JAH Electrical Services Ltd - Phone Calls - Web Design and SEO Company Ltd
On-Site With JAH Electrical Services Ltd - Branding - Web Design and SEO Company Ltd

What’s Next

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