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Welcome to our Blog. If you are reading this, then we have launched our new website www.webdesignandseocompany.co.uk , and you are reading our first ever blog!  Our blog, published weekly, is aimed at helping small and medium sized businesses and start-ups to flourish.

This week, we thought we would tackle why it’s so important for businesses these days to have a professionally designed and developed website, supported by ongoing Search Engine Optimisation.

Many people we meet say that their current website was developed by a friend, in order to save money when they were first launching their business. Plus, there are many adverts now telling us how easy it is to develop our own website in a matter of hours, with no technical expertise or experience. Very tempting, but as the old adage goes, “You get what you pay for!”.

Still, the temptation to go down this route is completely understandable, as money can be tight when you are first starting out in business.  However, one thing is certain – this is a false economy. You wouldn’t ask your friend to have a go at wiring your house, or servicing your car, so why ask them to develop your website? And, you need to be devoting your time to your business – be it plumbing, accountancy or engineering – not worrying about websites and google rankings.

You or your friend may create a nice-looking website – it may even be responsive, but will it deliver business results for you?  Very unlikely – especially if you are in a competitive industry or market.

A professionally designed and developed website, alongside an effective, ongoing Search Optimisation service should deliver a great Return on Investment, and be well worth every penny.

There are so many considerations these days that only a professional Website Developer & SEO Practitioner will be aware of, all of which impact Google’s perception of the website, and where the website will be displayed in Google’s Search Results. We’ve listed just a few below:

  • Mobile-friendly design – not just responsive. What’s the difference, I hear you ask!
  • Security – how important is it for websites to run under https? Is it ok to display my email address on my website?
  • Search Engine Optimisation – on-site & off-site
  • Website speed – how long will people wait for a web page to load before they give up?

So, in short, our advice is to engage a professional Website Designer and SEO Practitioner. Here at the “Web Design and SEO Company” in Plymouth, it’s what we do for a living. We take a real interest in each and every business we work with, and create a cost-effective, tailored web and SEO solution for them.

If you are serious about starting up in business or about taking your business to the next level, don’t leave it to chance. Call us on 01752 291865. We provide free website & SEO audits and free quotes for all projects.


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