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We take our clients through a simple process, which gives them a professional logo & website, plus SEO & Social Media – to help them grow their business.

Steve Claffey at Crownhill Conservatories, “We have been working with Diana and her team for over two years now and found they are very professional and efficient. If you’re looking for growth in your business they should be your first port of call.2021 Source: Google

Looking To Grow Your Business?

Then you need the team at the Web Design and SEO Company! Are you the owner or manager of a small or medium-sized business in the UK? Do you have ambitious growth plans? Maybe you want to take on more staff, rent or buy premises, invest in equipment, take over the world?!

Are you looking to win more new customers, get a higher number of good quality leads and new customers online?

These days, having a really strong and effective online presence is crucial to achieving this for most businesses. When we say “online presence”, we mean your website, of course. And also, your branding, your social media, your customer reviews and your presence on high quality listings and other websites, which link back to your own website.

If all of this is in place, it sends out a powerful and positive message both to your prospective customers, who are able to find you online and check you out carefully – and also to Google.

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Our Services In Detail

Having worked with over 100 clients in Plymouth, Devon, Cornwall and across the UK over the past 7 years, helping them to become successful online and to grow their business, we decided to take all of the learnings and experience we had gained, and package them up into our really simple process, so that we can help lots more business succeed online. Typically, we can get you up & running in as little as 8 weeks from signing the Agreement – sometimes even quicker!

Understand Your Business Challenges & Growth Goals

On a booked 30-minute call (longer if you need it), or in a meeting if you are local to the Plymouth area, we will chat with you to find out what you are looking to achieve, what the current barriers are to achieving this are, and what is going well already. We will answer any questions you may have about our company, our experience, the process, timescales, anticipated results, our fee, etc.


Design Your Logo, Branding & Messaging

The first stage is for us to start work on your branding and messaging. We will gather information from you about your business, products and services, your customers and the areas you serve. Very importantly, we will ask about your Unique Selling Points, and your ethos.

We will use this information to design your logo and colour scheme, and will ensure this carries through into the copy we will write for your website. Once your logo is finalised, we will use it to design your Business Cards and Letterheads (for print and digital use), and we will use it on your website, social media and online listings – ensuring that you are starting to achieve a cohesive brand.

Write Your Website Copy

Our lovely SEO Team will work with you to ensure that the information on your website is comprehensive, reflects your brand and ethos, is easy to understand, and is optimised for Google and the other search engines. This does require you telling us what you do – probably our biggest challenge! Before our SEO Team start writing, they will carry out Keyword Research to find out exactly what words and terms what people search for, and also competitor research. Before the next step in the process, our SEO Team brief our Web Developers, to ensure that they use the results of the research to build SEO into the website right from the outset.

Design, Build & "SEO" Your New Website

Using your new logo and branding, your messaging and the copy written by our SEO Team, our Web Developers will design and build your new website for you. They will do an initial design and check you are happy with it – making any changes you request. Then, they will build the full website, ensuring that it is easy to use on a Desktop or Laptop Computer, a Tablet and a Smartphone, and that it is SEO-optimised for Google and the other search engines. Relevant “Calls To Action” will be included, such as Contact Forms, “Click To Call” Telephone Numbers, Request a Quote / Callback etc.

If you wish to update your website yourself, we will deliver 1-1 training, and give you a personalised User Guide. Our team is always on hand at the end of a phone to help if you do get stuck!

Once your website is live, to give you complete peace of mind, you will benefit from our “Website Care Package” as part of your Digital Toolkit.


Kick-Start Your "Off-Site" SEO & Social Media For Business

It’s all very well having an amazing logo and website, but if no-one finds your site, it’s all been in vain. To start to get you found online, we will implement our SEO & Social Media For Business Starter Packs for your business – all part of our process.  We will explain this on our call / at our meeting.

Why Use Our Services? Why Not Design Your Own Logo & Build Your Website Yourself?


Professional logo design is well worth every penny, and will last you a long time. It is the first thing potential customers will see, and must effectively communicate who you are, what you do and your values – and help you stand out from the crowd.

It needs to be consistent across your website, social media, business stationery, uniforms, vehicles – in fact everywhere it is used! It is essential to use the right size, layout and file type for the right application. That’s why you meed a professional logo designer.


You could build a cheap Wix or other type of website, or have your friend or family member do it for you. In our experience, this always end up being a false economy. 

A professional, commercially-focused Website Designer will take the time and care to understand your business challenges and goals; your products and services; your target audience; what you want your web visitors to do – fill out a form, call you, book a meeting … and will design and develop a mobile-friendly website to deliver all of this. Their SEO Team will carry out keyword and competitor research, and will write copy for your website that is relevant and easy to read – and is optimised for Google search. 

They will also ensure that your website is secure, runs quickly, is well-maintained, and meets Google’s ever-changing criteria!


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FAQs About Our Services

Do you work with companies outside of Plymouth?

Yes we do! We work with businesses right across the UK, so whether you’re in London, Southampton, Sheffield or Bristol we’ll be able to help. You’ll get the same high level of service that we provide to our local clients. It will just mean that our meetings happen via Zoom instead.

What is the difference between web design and web development?

Very simply web design is concerned with how your website looks and flows – the layout, styling (colour, font etc) and general feel of your site, and the user journey. Web Development is more concerned with ensuring that your website works correctly behind the scenes, and that it is built to a high standard. It includes the functionality of your website.

What is SEO?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation. It is all about the things we can do to improve the visibility of a website on search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo – so that more people find & then choose to visit the website – when searching online for the products or services being offered. And it is about maximising on-site conversions.

There are key 2 parts to SEO – the website itself, and the promotion of the business and website online. We call these “On-site” & “Off-site” optimisation.

Find out more about SEO.

Will my website rank at the top of Google?

We’ve achieved this for many of our clients, but one thing to bear in mind is that it does take time. It certainly isn’t as simple as creating a website and expecting it to rank well – it almost certainly won’t, not without ongoing SEO work. We’d also recommend that you set aside a monthly budget for this in order for us to deliver the great results that we’ve achieved for many of our existing clients.

Do your websites work on smartphones and tablets?

Yes, all of our websites adapt perfectly to the device your using, whether this is a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. In many industries the majority of people now access websites using their mobile, so we understand the importance of ensuring customers receive the same great experience no matter what device they are using.

Will I be able to update text and images on my website?

Yes, we include a training session as part of your website project, so that we can ensure you are comfortable with editing text and images on your site. If this is something you’d rather we take care of for you then simpy let us know on your initial call with us.