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Social Media Marketing

Professional set up & management of Social Media for UK Trades & Service Businesses.

Professional Social Media Marketing

The Web Design and SEO Company in Plymouth have been helping our clients with their Social Media since 2015. As with many areas of Digital Marketing, this is an area that is constantly changing, so you can rely on us to keep up-to-date with the changes.

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Why do I need Social Media for my Business?

Many of our clients and prospects do not use social media in their personal lives. They may not like it or just don’t have the time. So, we often get asked why it is so important for business use.

As part of your overall Online Presence, social media is a key pillar. When potential customers are looking to find a new supplier, they will check out a range of things online, including: your website, your online reviews on Google, Facebook, Trustpilot etc, and also your social media – like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

They want to get to know about you – your company, you / your team, your services, and be confident that you are reputable and respected before even contacting you. A lot of this can be achieved through your social media.

Take a look at some of our own Instagram posts, where you’ll a good mix of posts about our team and about the services we provide. We also offer useful, free advice and information, answering many of the questions we are often asked by prospects and our clients.

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What Social Media Services do you provide?

Initially, we will define your Social Media Marketing strategy. This entails us firstly understanding your goals, and then advising on which are the right social media channels for your business. This will depend on your services and your target audience. Typically, for B2C business, we will suggest Facebook and Instagram for Business accounts. For B2B, we will often recommend a LinkedIn Company page.

If you don’t have these accounts already set up, we will create and optimise them for you, and will then agree a posting schedule with you. Once we start posting, we will be in regular contact with you to ensure we are including engaging information and images / videos about your business. And, we will keep you updated about how your social media is performing.

Check out our article on why to hire a social media expert.

Need to get the Social Media sorted for your business?

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A few Clients we provide Social Media Marketing Services for…

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