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Reasons to hire a web developer

9 July 2020

Hiring a professional web developer for your company comes with many benefits. Whether you’re starting a new business, or already have a website set up, a web developer can create you a brand-new site or re-design your current one to deliver more impact!

We’ve all gone on to a website before and struggled to find what we’re looking for. Nothing puts a customer off more than a website that is jumbled, disordered, outdated or sparse with information. When most people come across a site like that, they likely perceive the website to be of poor quality or irrelevant and will ‘bounce’ off the website pretty quickly; instead, looking for a site that they have more confidence in. Hiring a web developer to create a new site or to bring your current one into the 21st century will give you successful results in your customers continuing your site – therefore making more revenue.

Top 6 reasons to hire a professional web developer - team of developers - Web Design and SEO Company Limited

6 Reasons to Hire a Professional Web Developer

There are many elements to consider when it comes to creating a website. Aspects such as the logo, colour scheme and functionality are amongst some of the bigger decisions to make, but there’s much more to the process than meets the eye. Considering things such as the choice of font (important for accessibility reasons and brand identity), the implementation of plugins, ease of navigation and smooth page flow are what sets professionally developed websites apart from self-built sites. Here are some further reasons as to why hiring a professional can benefit your business greatly:

  1. High Quality as Standard – Any website should aim to be inviting and easy to use for the customer. This way, site visitors will be more likely to stay on the site and take a look at what services or products you have to offer. With a professional web developer or designer, you will be getting a site which not only looks good but performs well too. Amazing graphics, easy navigation and interesting pages are just some of the features you will get with a web developer!
  2. On-site SEO – To make sure that your website is highly ranked on Google, you need to have top-quality SEO (search engine optimisation) on all aspects of your site. SEO needs to be integrated within all images, page names and bodies of text. If structured well, the keywords and tags will improve your visibility on the search engines as they will display your site in the search results. Making sure your site runs quickly is also important. Consumers generally exit websites if the pages take too long to load, meaning they’ll use another competitors site and gain a customer. Professional web developers have the know-how on how to incorporate SEO into all aspects of your site and make it run smoothly and efficiently.
  3. Responsiveness – With the internet being so readily accessible to us on our phones and tablets, our portable devices are being used more often than computers and laptops to surf the web. When developing a site, you cannot design it to fit one type of device and think that that will carry on the compatibility to the other devices. A site needs to be designed to be compatible with all device types. This is something that is commonly forgotten by novices when creating a site, as when you work on a desktop, you devote your energies to perfecting that format above all others. Web developers design your site with responsiveness and different device types in mind so that no matter what device you use to visit your site, you can guarantee it looks good and is easy to use.
  4. Maintenance – So you have built your site, checked that it looks good and made sure that everything seems to be working well. Then suddenly, it crashes – do you know how to work out whether there is a caching issue, an error in the coding, a plugin conflict or a service provider problem? Would you know how to fix the problem quickly and get your site back to normal? With so much functionality within modern websites, there’s the potential for things to wrong and crash your website along the way. If you have no experience in developing websites, you may be stuck when it comes to carrying out and understanding the regular maintenance tasks you have to perform to keep a website running smoothly. An experienced web developer will quickly find the solution to the errors and get your site back in business with minimal interruption.
  5. Security – Making sure that your site is secure and has the relevant safety technology is one of the most important parts of the web development process. To be a safe and secure site you need to make sure you have an SSL certificate to keep the connection secure and safeguard any sensitive data that’s being sent there. Having a contact form and avoiding open face emails will help to reduce spam emails and data attacks that could be carried out by criminals. It’s also important to have GDPR pages on your website for compliance purposes. These typically include a privacy policy, cookie policy and website terms of use. Not complying with the GDPR standards can be detrimental to your business as you could lose consumer trust, gain a poor reputation or even face a fine.
  6. Time-saving – When you think of the sites you regularly visit do you ever think about how big they are? With multiple pages, forms, images, copy and functions, most websites are much larger and more complex than you’d initially think. Whilst creating a beautiful website isn’t something that can be rushed, entrusting a professional to build your site in accordance to your vision is likely to be a quicker, simpler and smoother process than you expect! This is because when you have a web developer create your site, you can be sure to free up your time to concentrate on other aspects of your business – whilst being confident the final product will be completed to the highest standard.

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Here at The Web Design and SEO Company, we offer web design and development services which are carried out by our experts! Our developers have created some exceptional websites which our clients were elated with. Our developers have experience in creating sites for a huge variety of business types including, retail, trades such as electrical and heating, travel and tourism, and so many more. Our experts have the knowledge and skills to create stunning websites that are sure to generate and maintain interest for your regular and new client base and be of ease to use.