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Do you need a new Mobile-Friendly, Google-Optimised Website specially designed to help you grow your business? If so, read on…

Steve Claffey at Crownhill Conservatories, “We have been working with Diana and her team for over two years now and found they are very professional and efficient. If you’re looking for growth in your business they should be your first port of call.2021 Source: Google

Website design to help your business to grow

Are you looking for professional website design services? Are you the owner or manager of a small or medium sized business in the UK? Do you have ambitious growth plans? Maybe you want to take on more staff, rent or buy premises, invest in equipment, take over the world?!

Are you looking to win more new customers, get a higher number of good quality leads or generate more sales online?

These days, having a really strong and effective online presence is crucial to achieving this for most businesses. When we say “online presence”, we mean your website, of course. And also, your branding, your social media, your customer reviews and your presence on high quality listings and other websites, which link back to your own website.

If all of this is in place, it sends out a powerful and positive message both to your prospective customers, who are able to find you online and check you out carefully – and also to Google.

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Easy for your prospective customers to use wherever they are – on a smartphone, tablet and PC


To help your website be found in Search Engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo


Carefully designed to generate high quality from your ideal customers – leads such as emails and calls


A professionally designed logo and colour scheme to make your business stand out form the crowd

Want to get more leads & customers online?

What makes a good website & what is quality web design?

Many factors contribute to a high-performing website. 

Ease Of Use & Navigation

A website should be designed with the user firmly in mind. The navigation should be simple, and it should be easy for the user to find the information they need, and have appropriate Calls To Action to enable the user to take the appropriate action, e.g. call or email you.

Responsive AND Mobile-Friendly

All websites should be built to adapt automatically to all device types and sizes – i.e. be responsive. In addition, it is really important to ensure that the user experience is fully optimised for smartphone, tablet and PC / laptop.

Website Speed

Website pages should load really quickly – people will only wait a short time before exiting & finding an alternative site. There are many things that need to be considered, including image and video optimisation, the number and type of plugins used, and the choice of hosting platform. 

Website Security

All websites should run securely under “https” (the “Padlock”); open-face email addresses should be avoided; contact forms should check that it is a real person submitting the form; quality Security plugins should be used and carefully configured; quality, secure hosting should be selected.

Work On All Browsers

Different users choose to view websites using different web browsers, including Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. When a website is being tested, it is essential to test it on current versions of all relevant browsers.

SEO Optimisation - Website Needs To Be Found

Optimisation of things like copy, internal & external links, images, videos, SEO titles & descriptions for Search Engines like Google is critical, and an SEO strategy for the website should be designed before work starts on building the site.

Quality Content - Regularly Updated

The quality & relevance of content to the the person visiting a website (we must always write for the reader first – not for Google) is critical.  The importance of fresh, regularly updated content, such as blogs, news, customer reviews & testimonials cannot be overstated.

Images & Videos

High-quality, compelling photos & videos, that are properly optimised are extremely useful. Ideally, the use of real imagery is always better, but if this isn’t available, quality stock images can be used.

Aesthetics Of The Website

Of course, it is important for the website to look appealing, but it is critical that looks do not compromise any of the other factors, including speed and usability. Branding, colour scheme and fonts are also key.

Demonstrate Credibility & Experience

Wherever possible, it is a good idea to display information and logos (where relevant) that demonstrate credibility & capability. For example, memberships, accreditations, qualifications, awards, insurance and so on. Also, to refer to previous work and years experience.

Show Customer Reviews & Testimonials

These days, we all research reviews & testimonials before making a buying decision. Google and Facebook Reviews are very powerful, as are written and video testimonials from your clients or customers.